Kowanyama Rangers Start Fire Training

Mar 22, 2022

The Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council Lands Office is buzzing with excitement as they start preparing for the upcoming carbon burning on Oriners-Sefton Country.

Ranger crew celebrating a successful Fire Control Training Session with Daryl Killin.

Fire Operations contractor Daryl Killin showed the Ranger teams the skills they require to safely manage fire in the late-dry season, combining scientific knowledge with practical tips for success.

Daryl emphasised the everchanging nature of carbon burning in the area, aware that there is always something new to learn. He was happy to share his knowledge, knowing it would help the Rangers upskill and take on more work. “All these fellas have valuable experience through their work as Rangers. Now they are learning how to work as a team,” Daryl said.

Marcus Yam and Simpson Yam also offered their extensive knowledge of the country, teaching the team about tracks, special places, and important creek names.

Late season fires pose a serious threat to Kowanyama, as Executive Manager Kevin Bell noted, “every year we see that country burn from wild fires which significantly effects our carbon project and future planning.”

Some of our most experienced Rangers, Fitzroy Lawrence and Anzac Frank were able to suggest new ideas for managing unauthorised access to the properties. Ranger Larry Matthew also made some new ‘No Camping’ and ‘No Hunting’ signage to further protect these areas.

After the training session concluded, Daryl and the Rangers visited Red Lily. It was Daryl’s first time visiting this important place. Fitzroy Lawrence flew the Ranger drone over the lagoon and inspected some weeds and geese. Later, Justin and Zian Dick got to fly the drone with some hands-on training.