Minister Welcomed by the Kowanyama Community

Oct 7, 2022

Last week, the Kowanyama Community welcomed Cynthia Lui MP, as she visited several landmarks and organisations in the area.

L-R: Cr. David Jack, Cr. Teddy Bernard, Cynthia Lui MP Member for Cook, Mayor Robbie Sands and A/CEO Kevin Bell meeting at Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council offices in Kowanyama.

“It was a great delight to be back in Kowanyama,” Ms Lui said, “Having opportunities to spend time with local leaders and constituents is so important, especially in an electorate as vast and diverse as ours is here in Cook.”

During her visit, the Member for Cook met with representatives from Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council’s Women’s Group, Cultural and Research Centre, Aged Care Centre, and the Primary Health Care Centre.

“Cynthia’s ongoing support for critical projects for Council, such as requests for financial assistance for our Planning Scheme project and safeguarding the Kowanyama Collection at the cultural centre is much appreciated,” Acting CEO Kevin Bell said.

After meeting with the Acting CEO, Mayor and Councillors, Ms Lui spent time with the Kowanyama Women’s Group. They shared their passion in addressing the overcrowding in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through increased social housing development.

“Social housing shortages are causing a lot of suffering in our community, particularly amongst vulnerable women and children,” Manager Women’s Services Ani Seruvatu said, “Some social housing applicants in Kowanyama have been on the waiting list for over six years.”

Ani also guided Ms Lui through the localised strategies led by the Women’s Group to empower families and community groups to increase school attendance and student participation.

The Cook MP then visited Viv Sinnamon at the Kowanyama Culture and Research Centre and viewed various artefacts that Viv has repatriated and brought back to Community. These artefacts are significant in the Palaszczuk Government’s Path to Treaty.

“It was great to have another yarn with Cynthia about the Kowanyama Collection, and the proposed cyclone vault that will protect these assets for future generations,” Viv said, “The collection gives the people of Kowanyama an opportunity to tell their own story, about their own history and culture.”

Ms Lui also visited the Kowanyama Aged Care and Primary Health Centres, discussing both facility’s ongoing commitment to influencing health outcomes in Community.

“It was very useful to meet with local organisations delivering critical services and gain some insights regarding their pressing priorities,” Ms Lui noted, “It was particularly pleasing to see and hear how the Palaszczuk Government is influencing health outcomes in community through investment in infrastructure.”