Community Update: Wet Season Parcels

Nov 27, 2023

As we approach the Wet Season and impending road closures, the Kowanyama Post Office would like to provide an update to our community members. Large and heavy boxes, currently arriving weekly via Tuxworth & Woods Carriers, will cease delivery after the last truck. Unforunately, due to their size, these items cannot be transported by air.

As a result, these parcels will be securely held in the Cairns Mail Centre throughout the entire Wet Season, with delivery scheduled only when the roads reopen, expected around April to May 2024.

To alleviate potential stress and the need for unnecessary follow-ups on ‘lost’ or ‘missing’ parcels, we kindly urge everyone to refrain from ordering large, oversized parcels once the roads close, as the likelihood of delivery during this period is minimal.

Please be aware the no orders should be placed from Pty. Ltd. during the Wet Season, as all parcels are classified as ‘Road Transport Only’ and will not be delivered.

For those expecting parcels during the Wet Season, it is imperative the sender completes/signs the dangerous good declaration (examples provided below). To ensure the delivery of parcels during this time, it is highly recommended to have them sent via Express Post.

We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Brett O’Donnell

Post Office Manager