Rising Waters Prompt Ongoing Mitigation Efforts in Kowanyama

Dec 23, 2023

Kowanyama, Saturday 23rd December 2023 — As we continue to face the challenges of rising water levels, it is crucial to keep the community informed about our ongoing efforts to address flood concerns in our area.

Our dedicated Roads Crew has been working tirelessly on stormwater drains, yielding visible results. The effectiveness of the mitigation drainage works is evident, successfully minimising inundation in parts of Kowanyama Street. Notably, only small amounts of surface water are observed on Kowanyama Street, underscoring the success of these mitigation efforts.

In response to the escalating water levels, the Kowanyama Rangers and dedicated volunteers from our community have been relentless in creating and placing sandbags. These sandbags play a crucial role in preventing water backflow into street drainages, significantly contributing to our flood preparedness measures.

It is essential to emphasise that the SES, QPS’s Emergency Management Coordinator, QPS, and QFES are actively monitoring the situation. The Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) remains at Stand Up status.

As the water levels are expected to rise further, with peaks yet to be reached, we urge everyone to prioritise preparedness and remain vigilant. Your safety is our top priority during these challenging times. We appreciate the collective efforts of our community members and the ongoing support from emergency services.

Stay safe, stay prepared, and stay informed.