Our Council

Managing for Future Generations

Our Vision

“To build a healthy and safe community, with strong economic opportunities and wellbeing services, through innovation and collaboration.”

Our Purpose

“To deliver best practice council services, and work with stakeholders to ensure our community members receive first rate services, with a focus on business development, culture, education and wellbeing.”

Our Services

  • Post office and bank
  • Airport
  • Community housing
  • Training Centre
  • Aged care – Commonwealth Home Support Program [CHSP]
  • Family services – playgroup, occasional care , holiday program
  • Local Police
  • Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Centre
  • Sport and recreation programs
  • Swimming pool
  • Women’s shelter


Our Values

Accountability – our decision making is transparent, fair and in the best interest of the whole community

Respect – we listen to all views and communicate with our community members, stakeholders and employees with respect and professionalism

Diversity and Equality – we embrace diversity and treat all people with respect, and fairness, no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation, race or disability

Innovation – we embrace future technologies and tools and look for new solutions for the benefit of our community

Maintaining Culture – we embrace our culture and preserve and strengthen it for future generations

Communication – we understand the importance of clear, regular communication and we will communicate council decisions, projects and activities with our employees, community members and stakeholders

Partnership – we will work together with our fellow local councils, state and federal government and community groups and services

Excellence – we will strive to provide the best in everything we do