Cr Elroy Josiah

Cr Josiah was born in Kowanyama and started out his career in Council in infrastructure and main roads, contributing to much of the transportation and road network throughout the local region. Many of the roads you see travelling into and through Kowanyama were helped built by Cr Josiah, and his experience took him all the way to Hughenden in outback Queensland, where he worked for Flinders Regional Council.

It was his early passion for team sports that saw Cameron excel in providing much-needed leadership and support for young players and their respective careers.

Cameron also led a number of AusKick programs throughout the Cape York and Cairns region, encouraging the youth to pursue their passions and dreams.

Deputy Mayor Cameron Josiah comes from a long lineage of members of Council, with his father and grandparents serving as chairpersons in Kowanyama. His partner Territa Dick was also a Deputy Mayor for Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council.

After working as Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council’s Sports and Recreation Officer for a number of years, he decided to run as Councillor in 2019 and was elected as Deputy Mayor in 2020.

With his goals firmly rooted in helping young people achieve their aspirations through employment initiatives, social activities and job opportunities, he also has objectives to renovate and expand his local church, improving roads and creating equal opportunity for the residents of Kowanyama.

Councillor Josiah says he wants young people of Kowanyama to have access to the same opportunities as he did.  “I was fortunate enough to be able to explore new places outside of Kowanyama and through work experience and a variety of roles, I was gifted a unique and broad-ranging skillset” Cr Josiah says.  “I’d like to think I’m an important role model for my community and strive to give people the tools to succeed in their chosen field.”