Local Laws

Queensland Local Governments

Queensland local governments make a range of local laws. The Local Government Act 2009 empower local governments to make local laws suitable to their needs and resources to achieve the purpose and principles of local government.

Council has adopted a diverse range of local laws to assist us govern effectively, and to maintain community health and safety.

Local laws control certain activities in your Local Government Area and cover issues such as:

  • animal and pest management
  • noise standards
  • dealing with community health hazards
  • setting visitor protocol

Local laws set rules about the use of roads, Council facilities and public infrastructure. They also outline when you need a permit to carry out an activity in Kowanyama, such as holding a festival or operating a business.

Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws

We have Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws.

  • A Local Law gives the local government the ability to make rules about issues that affect Kowanayma community.
  • A Subordinate Local Law sits below the Local Law and sets out the details of the rules (Local Law) created Kowanyama Council