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Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council is committed to ensure that the standards detailed in our policies and stated in government guidelines and legislation are upheld.

Councillors are not able to progress queries on behalf of individual community members.  Instead “Complaints” or “Requests for Service” can be made as follows:


If you feel council or its employees have not upheld their duties a “Complaint” can be made.

Council encourages people to make complaints so that Council has an opportunity to remedy the breach and improve service provision, transparency and accountability.

Request for Services

Council also encourages general “Requests for Services” to be made so that Council has an opportunity to assist.  A “Request for Service” is a request for Council to take action in relation to a service or product provided by Council. Examples include:

  • A leaking water pipe
  • An overflowing waste bin
  • Road maintenance

For more information please see our Complaints Management and Investigations Policy. Complaints and Requests for Service can be made online using the form below.  Alternatively details can be taken at our Kowanyama or Cairns offices reception.  If you have a complaint and would prefer to speak to someone please call 07 4040 4500.


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To make a Request for Service or Complaint please complete the online form below. Council will accept anonymous complaints.

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Privacy Statement

Your personal information is protected by law and can only be released to someone else where authorised by law or where you give your permission.

Council is collecting the personal Information contained in this document for the purpose of addressing your service request or complaint. This collection of personal information is authorised by law under the Local Government Act 2009 (QLD). It is Council’s practice that the information contained in this document is disclosed to the Queensland Government as part of its regulatory requirements under the Local Government Act 2009 (QLD) and Local Government Regulation 2012 (QLD).