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Rebirth of the Kowanyama Cattle Company

It is with great pleasure that I can announce to Community that the courts have awarded the Council ownership and control of all remaining assets of the Kowanyama Cattle Company.
The legal processes will be finalised in the next couple of weeks and it is Council’s intention to then consult with Traditional Owners (TO) and community on whether they wish to work with Council and the PBC on rebuilding a future Kowanyama cattle business. This will take place via a public meeting.
The re-establishment of the cattle company is a key component of creating a self-sustainable economic future for Kowanyama.
The potential benefits for community in re-establishing the cattle company are potentially massive and include

1. A significant source of community revenue that will flow back to TOs, their families and the community in the form of employment and a wide variety of community and homeland programs

2. Significant additional community programs would include health, local businesses, community services, sport and recreation, arts and culture, looking after country, and investment in homeland infrastructure

3. Employment and training, which would involve all young people throughout Community and cover cattle breeding and management, mustering, vehicles, quadbikes, motorbikes, fencing, horses, animal pest management, management of sacred sites and wetland management

4. Partnerships with the rangers, schools and school programs, special on country programs for men, women, the elderly, unemployed, the sick and the disabled

5. Re-establish the abattoir and provide cheap fresh meat to Community, plus train people in the slaughtering and butchering skills.

This cattle company will provide a wonderful opportunity for Traditional Owners and Community for the future and I will be looking to jointly chair the consultation process with the Chair of the PBC Robert Holness in the near future.

I will keep Community updated as this exciting project ramps up.

Mayor Robbie Sands

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following program may contain images and voices of deceased persons.