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New Grader Paves Way for Council Roads Crew

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council has traded in its 12M grader for a 140 CAT grader under a program designed by Council’s Roads, Infrastructure and Essential Services department.

The program aims to ensure the Kowanyama Roads Crew have access to the best possible equipment so they can carry out community-wide road improvement projects.

“With the arrival of our new Grader, our community should feel very proud. Through Council planning, our Operational Team have been able to recommend to our Elected Members to purchase this new Grader,” Mayor Robbie Sands said.

The grader follows the purchase of a multi-tyre roller in 2021, and a new four-wheel drive truck earlier this year, with the trade-in and subsequent purchase of a new steel drum roller expected in August 2022.

“The equipment is funded through QRA Disaster Recovery Funding and ATSI Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS),” Mayor Sands mentioned.

Thanks to Jacqui Cresswell, Executive Manager of Roads, Infrastructure and Essential Services, and her Cost-Benefit Analysis, the grader will be at the centre of all local roadwork.

Over 20 jobs, including Operators, Supervisors, Purchasing Officers, Reporting Officers, Contractors, and Finance Staff, are supported by the Roads Program. A significant investment for Council, the new grader will provide over 1,000 hours of work annually.

A tremendous accomplishment for all parties involved, over the past two years the Roads Crew has proudly guided Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council to become the first in Queensland to complete their QRA Works Programs.

Hastings have kindly offered training on the 140 grader to ensure that the Roads Crew understand the technical features of the new grader, providing a unique opportunity to upskill additional Road Crew staff.

L-R: Hayden Shorey, Alex Barker, Mayor Robbie Sands, Acting CEO Kevin Bell and Nick Curnow. Mayor Robbie Sands in the new 140 CAT grader.
Gerard Malachi and James Gilbert with the new 140 CAT grader. Gerard Malachi in the new 140 CAT Grader.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following program may contain images and voices of deceased persons.