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Mayor Michael Yam

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I have 7 children and 6 grandchildren.   I was born in Cairns and raised in Kowanyama.

I am a very proud Kunjen descendant on my mother’s side.

I became a Councillor 12 years ago, then Deputy Mayor and Mayor.  I want to do the best I can for the community, and do my best with providing and assisting with education to the community regarding social and mental wellbeing.  I want better housing, better education and better health for the people of Kowanyama.

The key to success is education, communication, commitment, common-sense and the biggest is respect for one another’s decisions and always look at the 3 L’s, Look, Listen and Learn.

I enjoy hunting, gathering, teaching, sharing and handing down various skill sets that I have learnt over the years regarding the western world and cultural.


Deputy Mayor Territa Dick

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 Cr Wendy Wust

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I am married with two adult children.  My husband and I also raised my nephew through traditional adoption and we are now caring for my gorgeous niece.

I was born and raised in Kowanyama and I am the youngest of seven children.  I’m a very proud Yir Thangdel descendant on my mother’s side.

I have lived and worked in Cairns for 30 years and have been employed with both the State and Federal governments, as well as NGO’s.  In 2010, I decided to return to my home community to live and work with and for the people of Kowanyama.

My aspirations as a Councillor are to do the best that I can faithfully and dutifully with the utmost respect for the people of Kowanyama in my portfolio of Health and Education.

Some of my favourite pastimes include fishing and camping on our homelands and being with my families.

 Cr John Fry

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I was elected as a Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Councillor at the March 2016 election and I intend to work every day for this community in my role as a councillor.

I am married with two sons and I have 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. I have lived in Kowanyama for the last four years but my family and I have been involved with the Kowanyama community for the last 18 years.

Before coming to Kowanyama I was employed with Qld Rail for 42 years as a Station Master and Line Manager in the operations area.

I follow all sports but my main interests are rugby league and horse racing.  I also enjoy fishing and the outdoors that Kowanyama has to offer

Cr Aaron Teddy

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I was born in Normanton, the eldest of 5 children, but have spent my whole life in Kowanyama.

I am a proud Traditional Owner (TO) of two clans – the Kokomenjen my Grandfather on my Father’s side, and the Kokoberra my Grandmother on my Mother’s side.   

I live with my partner and have 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren.  

I have been employed by Council for 25 years in total.

Pre 2004 I was the Essential Services Officer when I was then elected as a Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Councillor, I served for 4 years till 2008, the last 6 months as Mayor.

From 2008 till November 2018 I continued to work for Council untill I was elected once again in November 2018.  

I am very passionate about good outcomes in the community, mainly health and education. And I intend to do my best for the remaining term that I am in Council.  

I love my fishing and hunting and am an avid rugby league follower and a very passionate Cowboy fan


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