Local Fare Scheme

Airfare Subsidy

The Local Fare Scheme is an airfare subsidy aimed at improving the standard of living of local residents in regional and remote Far North Queensland communities by making air travel to nearby communities more affordable.

Residents who can show they currently live in a Local Fare Scheme region and have resided there for the last 12 months (excluding Weipa which will remain at three years) are eligible for the airfare subsidy.

Residents may be eligible for a discount of up to $200 for each one-way flight anywhere in the Local Fare Scheme Region:

Application Process

Visit Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council and show that you live in a Local Fare Scheme region (of which must be Kowanyama at time of application for KASC to process your application) and have done so for at least 12 months. You must give the following information:

  • Correct Photo identification (Passport, Driver’s License or Photo Identification) with applicant’s address.
  • Bank Statement showing local Kowanyama address (optional).
  • Utility Bill over three years of age (optional).
  • Statutory declaration confirming your residential status within Local Fare Scheme region.

PLEASE NOTE: Receiving a Local Fare Scheme Card does not ensure TMR approval. If insufficient information is provided, TMR retain the right to cancel the order. When seeking a new Local Fare Scheme card or a replacement card from the Council office, at least 24 hours’ notice is required.


Buy Your Ticket

Eligible airports and local ticketing agents:

  • Airport: Kowanyama Airport
  • Airline: Skytrans or Hinterland
  • Local Ticketing Agent: Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council


To travel, you must present your photo ID. If you miss your flight or need to alter it, you must contact your ticketing agent, depending on the type of fare you purchased. You might not be able to get any more reduced flights if you miss more than two trips in a 12-month period. For more information on the Local Fare Scheme, email localfarescheme@translink.com.au, or visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.